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5 Ways to Bounce Back After the Holidays!

December 28, 2022 |

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Feeling like you overdid it during the holidays? Maybe too much sugar, alcohol, or consumption of foods that are inflammatory for you personally? We’re here to help!

First, don’t beat yourself up. The shaming is only going to do more harm than good. Think about how many meals you consume in a year. Are you going to let 4 or 5 totally derail you? Give yourself grace! You still have the choice to now get back on track.  

Next, set your mind to these things and we bet you’ll be amazed at how quickly you beat the bloat and inflammation, and get back on track to wholesome living. 

1. Hydrate! Aim for half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Preferably filtered water with added minerals. We love our LMNT packets daily for this! Other healing options are sipping bone broth, green juice, or lemon water. 

2. Move! Get some fresh air. Bundle up if it’s cold, but still go out. And move your body. even a 20 minute walk is beneficial. Or do an at home yoga or strength training workout. 

3. Sweat! One of the most important ways to detoxify is to sweat! (Remember, if you don’t sweat, we have big problems.) To take your sweat to the next level, get in an infrared sauna! Book ours here.

4. Sleep! This really gets thrown off around the holidays, but is one of the most important ways to stay on track. Get to bed by 10pm (10:30pm at the latest) each night. Watch this improve your gut, hormones, mental clarity, and overall health. 

5. Eat! Focus on eating whole, colorful, unprocessed foods. This will help get bowels back to normal, nourish you with nutrients, and help kick the cravings. 

If you want additional help, struggle with emotional eating, or just confused about what to do, reach out! Patty, our Health Coach, is a wonderful resource. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment with her, for you!

Make 2023 your best year yet! 

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