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AMA Testing – What is it?!

July 10, 2024 |

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The threats that hide inside, impacting our– biological terrain, microbiome, metabolism, organs, nervous system and more– are typically hard to find using conventional methods or laboratory testing.

These hidden infections have an unfair advantage over our bodies and target our vulnerabilities, making us weaker over time. When all else fails and you are still not well, and perhaps getting worse, it is time to consider Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA).

AMA is a bioresonance technique founded by Dr. Simon Yu, MD, a retired medical corps colonel. He combines eastern medicine, western medicine, and medical innovative technology to discover imbalances of the body. This form of bio-cybernetics is considered “unconventional technology”, yet imperative if we are to counter-engage in warfare with hidden threats and expect to win.

So how does AMA work? It measures the “energy systems” of the body using acupuncture meridians. You may be surprised to learn that pathways of energy — meridians — connect specific organs, joints, teeth, and tissues.

Each meridian has an energy frequency that indicates healthy functioning. A frequency not within normal limits indicates disease and dysfunction. Using ancient knowledge of meridian flow and acupuncture, but updated to our digital world, the AMA technician is able to use a stylus (no acupuncture needles necessary!) to apply light pressure at 48 meridian points on the body. You will not feel an electric shock, but each point gives an energetic output. A low reading indicates a chronic imbalance and a high reading indicates an acute inflammatory process.

Using your readings, we can discover underlying infection, inflammation, degeneration, and root causes of disease. These include parasites and fungi, dental focal infections (an infection in one part of the body that travels to and creates an infection in another part of the body), heavy metals, malnutrition, allergies and altered immune response, environmental toxins, etc.

Additionally, we can then use different modalities of healing to retest your weak or inflamed areas to see if they balance in the same visit. For instance, a liver imbalance may become normalized after the patient holds anti-parasitics to complete the circuit. It truly is a medical method that you have to see to believe!

The entire session takes about an hour and costs $120. Prepare to hear some recommendations that may seem odd to some patients. For example, based on Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, a treatment for parasites for a patient may not only improve their abdominal pain or irritable bowel, but may also relieve knee pain, sciatic pain, or headache.

Another patient may show that extraction of an asymptomatic root canal would improve a patient’s arthritis or chest pain. These phenomena are hard to explain by western medical science, but functional medicine acknowledges that our body/mind/spirit operates as a whole system.

Energy medicine detects medical problems and helps guide treatment approaches not by common symptoms and disease diagnosis, but by underlying causes. It is individualized medicine based on the evidence of the patient’s response. So why not give AMA a try today?! Click here to book.

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