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Vitamin C

Are you really sick? Or just Vitamin C deficient? 

January 22, 2024 |

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We as humans cannot make our own Vitamin C. It is critical we supplement it, and the correct form, as our bodies need it for over 300 processes daily!

Most notably it supports:

  • immune function
  • is an antioxidant
  • the formation of collagen
  • wound healing
  • proper iron absorption
  • mood regulation
  • cardiovascular health
  • pregnancy
  • formation and maintenance of bones
  • blood vessels
  • spike protein concerns
  • protects against cognitive decline
  • …and so much more!

It also exhibits anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antibiotic, and antihistamine properties. In addition, high doses administered through IV, have been shown to selectively target and effectively kill cancer cells, and mitigate negative side effects of chemo and radiation.

Pretty incredible, right?

However, Vitamin C MUST be in the sodium ascorbate form (vs ascorbic acid) to be effectively used by the body. The sodium ion is necessary to facilitate the movement of the Vitamin C into the cells, via the SVCT1 and SVCT2 transporters. Not to mention, ascorbic acid is an “oxidized” form of Vitamin C–which the entire point of taking Vitamin C is to work as an ANTIoxidant. Doesn’t make sense then, does it??

I love these graphics to fully understand the word “antioxidant” and the way Vitamin C works.

Aging is the result of oxidative stress on the body, as seen below in the tomato and a cell.

To reverse or stop this process, we must consume antioxidants, most importantly, Vitamin C. Our bodies get hit by free radicals and oxidative stress, all day long–toxins in the air, fragrances, chemicals in our foods and skincare products, pesticides, EMF/5G, radiation, and inflammation. These free radicals damage healthy cells. But Vitamin C to the rescue! As an antioxidant, it neutralizes that free radical (donates an electron) and prevents it from damaging our cells. 

So, if you want to reverse the aging process and prevent chronic disease… you need Vitamin C! We carry the sodium ascorbate form that must be sold by medical professionals. (Question any other source you find!) It is a powder so easily consumed by adults and children alike! Put 2 teaspoons in your water (1 teaspoon for children) and sip on it all day long. We like how Dr. Lodi says, “Sip from 7 to 7.” Meaning, 7am to 7pm. (We also have protocols for dosing for acute illness too! Think cold sores, UTIs, oral infections, colds and flus, etc. It works incredibly well to knock out illness quickly!)

By sipping on it all day long, your body gets a constant source of Vitamin C to carry out all the necessary physiologic processes. Then, when you get exposed to a virus or bacteria, your body is armed and ready!

Better yet, by sipping on it all day, when you get one of our High Dose Vitamin C IVs, all of it can then go to fight off pathogens, repair damaged tissue, reverse oxidative damage, and optimize health–instead of replacing your deficiency. 

Stop by or give us a call to purchase our Vitamin C and make it part of you and your family’s daily rhythm. You won’t regret it! 

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