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Kelsey Rech, FDN-P


True Detoxification or Just a Gimmick?

Extreme restriction, drinking gallons of lemon water with cayenne pepper, or eliminating entire macro categories are some of the more common ones we hear--and trust me when I say that these will not truly give you the detoxification you're hoping for.
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Healthy Restaurant Eating

So, you've got the healthy eating down when you're at home. You buy all the right things and feel confident in your diet. And then you go out to eat. All the rules go out the window, right? Not so fast. For some people eating outside the home is rare, but for others it happens fairly often. Regardless, in order to set yourself up for success when eating out, it's helpful to have a game plan ahead of time.
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Cooking Swaps

When patients come into our office looking for help, often the first area we encourage them to change is their diet. So many are stuck in habits that have left them sick, tired, and relying on prescription medications to get by. But if you're confused about the numerous opinions out there, overwhelmed by making changes, or just too busy to figure out what works for you, keep reading.
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Too Much of a Good Thing.

When it comes to exercise, we've come to believe in the mindset that more is more. It starts out innocently enough--you want to drop a few pounds, or a friend tells you that you should do this great new program with her. So you start working out more frequently, increase the length of your sessions, or you increase the intensity--or all of the above. Weirdly enough though, it doesn't work.
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The Importance of Castor Oil

The numerous benefits of castor oil use have kept this ancient remedy relevant even today.
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A very crappy blog post

If you've been a patient with us already, you know we looove to talk about it: Poop. Bowel movement. Feces. Whatever term you prefer, we're here to be your official poo aficionados and help educate you on how your daily (or not so daily) habits are one of the biggest, cheapest indicators of your health.
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Functional Medicine: The What, Why, and How

You’ve probably come across this blog post wondering if functional medicine is right for you or a family member. Or maybe you know someone who raved about their success with functional medicine. Either way, it can often be a struggle to explain the concept– I’ll do the best I can.
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Gluta-What??? (Glutathione Explained)

The G word. Maybe your provider recommended glutathione or you have read about its benefits online. Regardless, glutathione (pronounced glue-tah-thigh-own) is worth familiarizing yourself with.
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