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Kelsey Rech, FDN-P


Foundations of Healing

When you compare functional medicine and conventional medicine, one of the most notable differences is that functional medicine requires the patient to be an active, working participant in their care. More often than not, a patient's willingness to put in the work and take ownership of their daily choices will be the key to their success (or failure).
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Really? A little mold? What's the big deal? Well, the thing about mold is....actually there's a lot of things that make it super frustrating. Symptoms are vague, and usually present like a million other things, until you rule all the other things out and finally land on mold.
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Alcohol: It’s literally making you lose your mind.

The media loves to justify your nightly glass of red wine and say "it's good for your heart", or "people who drink daily live longer". Not only that, but thanks to social media, 'mommy wine culture' now tells us that the best way to parent is with a glass of wine in hand.
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Ear Infections

Can you guess the most common reason for visits to the pediatrician's office? How about the most common reason antibiotics are prescribed for kids? The answer to both is.....ear infections!
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Fever Phobia

One of the more common questions we get regarding illness is what to do when your child spikes a fever.  No parent likes seeing their kids uncomfortable, and most want to do SOMETHING to help.  We get it--fevers can be scary! Unfortunately, the typical Tylenol + Motrin approach most parents take is actually making things worse. Let's talk about why this is true.
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The problem with blanket recommendations

We've all experienced it. A friend or social media influencer is so sure that you NEED to do what they did to feel better. They felt the same way you feel, had the same problems that you have, and struggled the same way you struggle. If a program or product worked for them, then it should definitely work for you, right?  
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Aromatase: An enzyme all men should know about!

If you've heard of aromatase before, it's likely been in the context of women's health and breast cancer. Often aromatase inhibitors are used to help prevent growth of hormone-related breast cancers. However, aromatase is important when it comes to men's health as well!
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Hormones: The type of testing matters!

If you take a blood sample or saliva sample and attempt to measure sex hormones, you are going to get a reading of only that very specific moment in time. If we measure you a couple hours later, it could be vastly different. So how can we know that it truly represents your overall hormone production?
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Endocrine Disruptors: Know Better, Do Better.

If endocrine disruptors are new to you, think of them as little chemicals that play dress-up and fool your body into thinking they're real hormones. But with endocrine disruptors, you only get the negative side of hormones and none of the benefits. These chemicals can cause abnormal periods, early menarche, birth defects, thyroid and adrenal issues, cancer, and even lower IQ, among many other things.
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Grounding: You’re basically a TV with complex emotions.

Looking for an easy, free way to make a profound impact on your wellness? Get outside--and make it barefoot! Grounding, also called Earthing, is the discovery that having direct bodily contact with the Earth stabilizes our physiology at the deepest levels.
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