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Keri Anania, Owner + PA-C


AMA Testing – What is it?!

AMA is a bioresonance technique founded by Dr. Simon Yu, MD, a retired medical corps colonel. He combines eastern medicine, western medicine, and medical innovative technology to discover imbalances of the body.
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Philosophy of Health and Healthcare by Dr. Thomas Lodi

As many of you are aware, Dr. Thomas Lodi has become a dear friend and mentor of mine. He recently sent me this excerpt for my review. And of course, it is brilliantly written, with the complexity and yet poetry, only he can produce.
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Keri was featured on “Beyond the Crops” Podcast

Keri was the latest guest on "Beyond the Crops" with Jena Ochsner and Mary Pat Sass. Click the links below to listen to Keri's guest episodes!
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Functional Medicine vs. Conventional — an exposé

One of the questions that I hear a lot is this, “I went to Mayo Clinic [or some other well known allopathic ivory tower] and had $34,000 worth of lab tests, but I had to come to Carson City to get well. How is it that your therapies fixed my problem when nobody else could?” It’s a logical and important question. Here’s the answer.
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IV Therapy

Many hydration spas boast IV therapies that deliver a variety of nutrients to the bloodstream. But do they really have anything to brag about? 
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What’s The Deal With Gluten? 

Back in July 2023, researchers in New Zealand published a groundbreaking study, proving that gluten causes brain inflammation. And this inflammation happens to everyone! Not just those with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease.
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Night Owl? We have big problems then…

Starting around 10pm every night, our body begins to heal and reset. During the day, our body is busy focusing on all the things to keep us going and performing. It's at night while we are sleeping that our body gets a break to repair.
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Are you really sick? Or just Vitamin C deficient? 

We as humans cannot make our own Vitamin C. It is critical we supplement it, and the correct form, as our bodies need it for over 300 processes daily!
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Foundations of Healing

When you compare functional medicine and conventional medicine, one of the most notable differences is that functional medicine requires the patient to be an active, working participant in their care. More often than not, a patient's willingness to put in the work and take ownership of their daily choices will be the key to their success (or failure).
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Parasites, yuck! 

Fun fact--a single parasite lays 20-25,000 eggs PER DAY! Okay so maybe that isn't such a "fun" thing... Even more concerning is that we ALL have parasites. Yes, all of us. Including you! (Unless you've done extensive treatment for them anyway.)
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