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Keri Anania, Owner + PA-C


You’re Pregnant! Now what? 

You got the positive test, yay! But what do you do now? First, find an OB or midwife that supports your values and honors your wishes as a pregnant momma. A provider that truly listens to you and walks alongside you during your pregnancy is invaluable. From there, it's all about taking care of you AND baby!
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Preconception Planning

For many people, they decide they want to have a baby, so they start an OTC prenatal and get to trying. Sometimes that works. For many, it can take months or even years to successfully conceive. Because the truth is, if you want to conceive more easily and optimally, along with optimize the health of your future child, you really should start planning a year in advance.
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Just say NO to Hormonal Pellets

Hormonal pellets. They are all the rage locally right now. But we're here to say we are NOT fans! At all. Ever. Nope. Nada. (Get the point?)
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Coffee Isn’t Just For Drinking

Our office is all about detoxification--sweating, breathing, urinating, and of course, pooping. Coffee has several health benefits, which come in handy when needing to detoxify. If you haven't caught on yet, I'm talking about using coffee as an enema, aka inserted rectally. 
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Peptide Therapy–What is it?

One physician described it to me like this:  Imagine you have a flashlight. And it shines bright for a bit, but the batteries keep dying out. So, you continually replace them. And each time you get a little stretch of bright light (feeling well) again. But this gets really old because you want sustained light (healing), not this roller coaster. This is where peptides come in. They recharge that flashlight and keep the light shining bright without dimming.
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Group B Strep and Pregnancy

We're here to say a positive test doesn't immediately mean you need antibiotics. Studies have shown that while you might test positive one day, if you ask to be swabbed again the next week, there's a good chance you will then test negative. Asking for a retest is something we would suggest if you test positive.
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5 Ways to Bounce Back After the Holidays!

Feeling like you overdid it during the holidays? Maybe too much sugar, alcohol, or consumption of foods that are inflammatory for you personally? We're here to help!
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Health Benefits of Saunas

Did you know that 99% of people in Finland use a sauna once a week? And did you know that we at Nebraska Functional Medicine have the very BEST sauna? Not only is it infrared, it is all three wavelengths: near, far, and mid. These rays are what nature brings us. Those warm, healing rays from the sun? Those are it! It's not like dry, desert heat when you sit in an infrared sauna. It's heat that radiates deep within your body; warming you up from the inside out. 
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Keri’s Favorite Spinach Artichoke Dip

We all love a warm, creamy, savory dip with salty chips. And many people making dietary changes feel like they will never be able to enjoy those kinds of foods ever again. But this is not the case!
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Keri’s Favorite Things Gift Guide

Our founder, Keri, has created a gift guide of some of her favorite things. All hand picked with clean and non-toxic living in mind. You'll find ideas for anyone on your list (including yourself!), that all support a healthy lifestyle. Some have special discounts too, so make note!
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