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True Detoxification or Just a Gimmick?

Extreme restriction, drinking gallons of lemon water with cayenne pepper, or eliminating entire macro categories are some of the more common ones we hear--and trust me when I say that these will not truly give you the detoxification you're hoping for.
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Healthy Restaurant Eating

So, you've got the healthy eating down when you're at home. You buy all the right things and feel confident in your diet. And then you go out to eat. All the rules go out the window, right? Not so fast. For some people eating outside the home is rare, but for others it happens fairly often. Regardless, in order to set yourself up for success when eating out, it's helpful to have a game plan ahead of time.
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5 Ways to Bounce Back After the Holidays!

Feeling like you overdid it during the holidays? Maybe too much sugar, alcohol, or consumption of foods that are inflammatory for you personally? We're here to help!
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Health Benefits of Saunas

Did you know that 99% of people in Finland use a sauna once a week? And did you know that we at Nebraska Functional Medicine have the very BEST sauna? Not only is it infrared, it is all three wavelengths: near, far, and mid. These rays are what nature brings us. Those warm, healing rays from the sun? Those are it! It's not like dry, desert heat when you sit in an infrared sauna. It's heat that radiates deep within your body; warming you up from the inside out. 
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Cooking Swaps

When patients come into our office looking for help, often the first area we encourage them to change is their diet. So many are stuck in habits that have left them sick, tired, and relying on prescription medications to get by. But if you're confused about the numerous opinions out there, overwhelmed by making changes, or just too busy to figure out what works for you, keep reading.
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Keri’s Favorite Spinach Artichoke Dip

We all love a warm, creamy, savory dip with salty chips. And many people making dietary changes feel like they will never be able to enjoy those kinds of foods ever again. But this is not the case!
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Keri’s Favorite Things Gift Guide

Our founder, Keri, has created a gift guide of some of her favorite things. All hand picked with clean and non-toxic living in mind. You'll find ideas for anyone on your list (including yourself!), that all support a healthy lifestyle. Some have special discounts too, so make note!
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Eat Carbs!

I guarantee you've been told through fad diets, "nutrition programs", or multi-level marketing scam coaches that carbs are bad. That you must restrict or even eliminate them to lose weight and get healthy. This is so WRONG.
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Round of Antibiotics? Now what? 

You're likely reading this because you or a loved one have recently taken antibiotics for an infection. And you probably also realize that antibiotic wiped out your microbiome--aka the "good guys" in your gut. Or maybe you ended up with yeast infection. 
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Too Much of a Good Thing.

When it comes to exercise, we've come to believe in the mindset that more is more. It starts out innocently enough--you want to drop a few pounds, or a friend tells you that you should do this great new program with her. So you start working out more frequently, increase the length of your sessions, or you increase the intensity--or all of the above. Weirdly enough though, it doesn't work.
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