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The Harmful Truth about Cooking Oils

Whether you’re sautéing vegetables, making your favorite muffins, or grabbing a bag of chips for your football party, you should be mindful about the ingredients you’re using and eventually consuming. Cooking oils are used nearly daily in the average household. So, its safe to say that something consumed this frequently is safe and you can grab any type of oil off the grocery store shelf, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.
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The Importance of Castor Oil

The numerous benefits of castor oil use have kept this ancient remedy relevant even today.
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Pass the Salt Shaker

Pass the salt shaker. Odds are you've heard that too much salt is bad. That you'll end up with high blood pressure. We're here to say that's a pinch off the mark. 
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OrthoMune… an NFM Favorite!

One of the supplements that our office wouldn't be without is OrthoMune by OrthoMolecular.  We have taken it consistently since early 2020 with great results both as prevention and treatment of illnesses.  Our patients report the same successes, too! 
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Got inflammation? SPM can help!

One of the most common conditions we see at our office is a patient with chronic inflammation. Yet even when they are compliant with supplements, dietary changes, and lifestyle adjustments, inflammation can still be a problem. Resolving inflammation is something that takes time and is not a linear process. It's our job to dig deeper and uncover the underlying reason for the inflammation in the first place.
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Cheaper supplements are not always better

I like a good deal as much as anyone, but when it comes to supplements, cheaper isn't always better. In fact, many so-called "bargain" supplements are not bargains at all. 
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Do I need to take vitamins or supplements?

This is a common question we hear. And the very short answer is this--no matter how healthy you eat or what diet you follow, it is really difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs from food alone, all the time. So, yes. You do need supplements depending on your personal needs. 
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A very crappy blog post

If you've been a patient with us already, you know we looove to talk about it: Poop. Bowel movement. Feces. Whatever term you prefer, we're here to be your official poo aficionados and help educate you on how your daily (or not so daily) habits are one of the biggest, cheapest indicators of your health.
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Vitamin D

Possibly one of the most underrated nutrients in the body is vitamin D. About 70% of Americans are deficient in it. Also known as calciferol, vitamin D comes in two major forms: vitamin D2- which is mostly from plant foods in the diet, and vitamin D3- which comes from animal foods in the diet, supplementation, and ultraviolet rays.
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IV nutrient therapy drip bag

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a nonpharmacologic therapy used to treat a multitude of conditions. Ozone is a gas that is generated from oxygen and has been used successfully for over 50 years in Europe. Think of it as putting fresh batteries in a dimming flashlight. When administered to the human body, the benefits are nothing short of remarkable!
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