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Understanding Your Body


Ear Infections

Can you guess the most common reason for visits to the pediatrician's office? How about the most common reason antibiotics are prescribed for kids? The answer to both is.....ear infections!
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Fever Phobia

One of the more common questions we get regarding illness is what to do when your child spikes a fever.  No parent likes seeing their kids uncomfortable, and most want to do SOMETHING to help.  We get it--fevers can be scary! Unfortunately, the typical Tylenol + Motrin approach most parents take is actually making things worse. Let's talk about why this is true.
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Aromatase: An enzyme all men should know about!

If you've heard of aromatase before, it's likely been in the context of women's health and breast cancer. Often aromatase inhibitors are used to help prevent growth of hormone-related breast cancers. However, aromatase is important when it comes to men's health as well!
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Concussions… More Than Just a Head Knock

I'm sure all of us can think of someone who's had a concussion, or several. Most people will say, "Oh they were mild. No big deal." But are they really no big deal? The reality is most concussions go undiagnosed. Or ignored. Even a simple head knock or mild concussion causes big issues.
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Preconception Planning

For many people, they decide they want to have a baby, so they start an OTC prenatal and get to trying. Sometimes that works. For many, it can take months or even years to successfully conceive. Because the truth is, if you want to conceive more easily and optimally, along with optimize the health of your future child, you really should start planning a year in advance.
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Endocrine Disruptors: Know Better, Do Better.

If endocrine disruptors are new to you, think of them as little chemicals that play dress-up and fool your body into thinking they're real hormones. But with endocrine disruptors, you only get the negative side of hormones and none of the benefits. These chemicals can cause abnormal periods, early menarche, birth defects, thyroid and adrenal issues, cancer, and even lower IQ, among many other things.
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Grounding: You’re basically a TV with complex emotions.

Looking for an easy, free way to make a profound impact on your wellness? Get outside--and make it barefoot! Grounding, also called Earthing, is the discovery that having direct bodily contact with the Earth stabilizes our physiology at the deepest levels.
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Peptide Therapy–What is it?

One physician described it to me like this:  Imagine you have a flashlight. And it shines bright for a bit, but the batteries keep dying out. So, you continually replace them. And each time you get a little stretch of bright light (feeling well) again. But this gets really old because you want sustained light (healing), not this roller coaster. This is where peptides come in. They recharge that flashlight and keep the light shining bright without dimming.
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Group B Strep and Pregnancy

We're here to say a positive test doesn't immediately mean you need antibiotics. Studies have shown that while you might test positive one day, if you ask to be swabbed again the next week, there's a good chance you will then test negative. Asking for a retest is something we would suggest if you test positive.
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Eat Carbs!

I guarantee you've been told through fad diets, "nutrition programs", or multi-level marketing scam coaches that carbs are bad. That you must restrict or even eliminate them to lose weight and get healthy. This is so WRONG.
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