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Concussions… More Than Just a Head Knock

June 19, 2023 |

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I’m sure all of us can think of someone who’s had a concussion, or several. Most people will say, “Oh they were mild. No big deal.” But are they really no big deal?

The reality is most concussions go undiagnosed. Or ignored. Even a simple head knock or mild concussion causes big issues.

In fact, we know that even just ONE MILD concussion results in a 40% decrease of testosterone levels. Read that again. Now ideally those levels would recover, but it’s not likely they will recover fully. Especially if the patient continues the sport or activity that led to the concussion in the first place.

According to a Harvard study of NFL football players, they found:

  • Former NFL players reporting concussion symptoms following head injury more likely to report erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels
  • Players reporting the most concussion symptoms have nearly twice the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED), compared with players with the fewest symptoms
  • The elevated risk was present even when researchers accounted for other possible drivers of ED as well as among younger players who suffered concussions
  • Researchers caution that the exact biological mechanisms remain to be elucidated, but injury to the pituitary gland and downstream hormonal changes may be one possible explanation
  • Players with ED should seek prompt evaluation for this common, highly treatable condition, which can also indicate the presence of other diseases, including cardiovascular illness and diabetes
  • Clinicians treating patients with head trauma should inquire proactively about symptoms of ED and low testosterone
  • Results may be relevant in other sports where head injuries are common, including hockey, boxing and soccer, as well as for nonathletes who sustain head trauma

Here is the link to the study: ​​

(Now this doesn’t mean every man needs testosterone or a trip to the local male hormone mill…more on this later.)

And we can’t forget about children. If you have children, you know they bonk their head several times a week. And occasionally a big fall or goose egg. These “small” injuries amount to long-term damage.

Our brains are approximately 70% fat. It is incredibly important to its optimal functioning. But it has to be the right type of fat. Avoid inflammatory oils like canola, soybean, vegetable, etc. (​click here to read our blog on inflammatory oils​). We especially need to consume enough omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, nuts, seeds, avocados, and other plants.

This is even more imperative when it comes to brain injuries. If we injure our brain, we need enough of the healthy fats available to go and repair the damage.

A prominent neurologist who studies this extensively shared with me that EVERY child and adult needs to be consuming enough omegas or at the very least getting it through supplementation, in the event that there is a head injury. Pairing it with a quality CBD enhances the effect by allowing the fatty acids to saturate in the brain longer via the endocannabinoid system, without being broken down. And what an easy thing to do to be proactive?!

So what can you do with a brain injury or concussion? Contact us. We will get you on a protocol to heal your brain and mitigate any long term damage. We also have great options to take daily as prevention! Do it for your brain, it will thank you!

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