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June 12, 2024 |

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Do you want a relaxing facial AND have the peach fuzz on your face removed? But also curious as to what that entails or if there’s any risks? Read on!

Why should I get a Dermaplane?

  • Dermaplane does not pull and tug on your skin (vs a Microdermabrasion)
  • There is no risk of hyperpigmentation
  • Your makeup will go on smoother and you will use less makeup
  • Dermaplane smooths your skin
  • It is a gentle exfoliation
  • After you get a Dermaplane, products you use penetrate deeper and work more effectively. It doesn’t have to go through dead skin!
  • It removes superficial pigmentation
  • It is safe for all skin types
  • Dermaplane addresses fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking rejuvenated and encourages the production of new collagen & contributes to a healthier overall complexion
  • There is no down time.
  • You can put makeup on right after your treatment.

Dermaplane may also help with common skin concerns:

  • Dry Skin
  • Dull skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rough skin texture
  • Skin spots
  • Blemishs
  • Unwanted facial hair
  • Uneven skin tone

Top Questions about Dermaplaning:

Will my hair grow back thicker and darker?

Your hair follicle is developed. The hair growing out of the follicle is already the size and color it is going to be when it grows back. You are removing hair at skin level. If you have black coarse hair, it will come back the exact same way.

Does it cause acne?

Just the opposite, It will help prevent acne from happening. Keeping your face exfoliated, removing dead skin, oils and debris will keep the pore from clogging and causing inflammation. If you are inflamed and have a lot of breakouts, you will want to wait to have a dermaplane, as to not spread the bacteria.

Is Dermaplaning painful?

No! It is one of the most relaxing treatments. Lay back, relax and enjoy!

Why should I get a professional Dermaplane?

When you get a Dermaplane done by a professional, it is tailored to your specific skin needs. When you buy a kit and Dermaplane yourself at home, it is a one size fits all kit and you most likely will not reach those hard to reach places.

Here are some other perks about having a professional Dermaplaning:

  • You can actually relax
  • A professional Dermaplane yields longer lasting results
  • Professionals are trained on pressure and the correct angles of the blade to not cut or take to many layers of skin

Slowing down the aging process is about taking care of our skin! Get started by booking a Dermaplane with me today! Click here to book.

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