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Grounding: You’re basically a TV with complex emotions.

April 4, 2023 |

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Looking for an easy, free way to make a profound impact on your wellness? Get outside–and make it barefoot! Grounding, also called Earthing, is the discovery that having direct bodily contact with the Earth stabilizes our physiology at the deepest levels.  

The Earth has a natural, slightly negative electric charge. It just so happens that your body prefers this same slightly negative charge!  For any sort of electric system or appliance powered by it, there’s always a grounding cable, right? For a TV this grounding ensures electric stability, prevents excess charge, and prevents electrical interference. How annoying would it be to have your TV constantly short-circuiting or switching shows based on what the neighbors were watching? Probably wouldn’t even be worth trying.

Your body has the same needs–you’re basically a TV with complex emotions. When we miss out on direct contact with the Earth, we’re going to feel TERRIBLE.  We get a buildup of positive energy (remember, our body prefers negative), and a deficiency of electrons! This leads to dysfunction or disease and can present in about a thousand different ways. Numerous studies show the benefits of getting your bare feet in the dirt, grass, sand, etc. People who practice grounding regularly are less inflamed, have lower levels of pain and stress, sleep better, have improved blood flow, drain lymph (toxins) better, and overall report a higher level of wellbeing. They feel younger and healthier and even report better moods.

Just think of our planet as the most powerful anti-inflammatory out there! I know what you’re thinking–way too good to be true, right? Not really. The evidence is out there, and if you think about our modern lifestyle, it doesn’t really allow much direct skin-to-Earth contact.

Our long Midwest winters rarely have us outside, and even in the warmer months, the majority of us are standing outside wearing shoes or standing on the cement. This isn’t the same! While spending more outside barefoot in the dirt is TRULY the best way to go about grounding, there are a few easy hacks to ground even when you don’t have time to ground. EarthRunners are a brand of sandal that allow you to protect the bottom of your feet while still getting the full effects of grounding. Many companies have produced grounding mats that you can place under your feet at your desk, or grounding sheets to use while you sleep. But remember, if you’re only getting your grounding in this way, you’re likely still being exposed to a large amounts of EMF’s in your house while trying to adjust your body’s electrical charge.

So these products may or may not be worth the hype–TDB.

Just know that when it comes to grounding, the more the better—even if it means getting your feet in the snow-covered grass for just 30 seconds! Incorporate this simple, free, and easy practice into your life and see what you notice. You just might be surprised at the power Mother Earth holds in your health.

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