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Health Benefits of Saunas

December 20, 2022 |

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Did you know that 99% of people in Finland use a sauna once a week? And did you know that we at Nebraska Functional Medicine have the very BEST sauna? Not only is it infrared, it is all three wavelengths: near, far, and mid. These rays are what nature brings us. Those warm, healing rays from the sun? Those are it! It’s not like dry, desert heat when you sit in an infrared sauna. It’s heat that radiates deep within your body; warming you up from the inside out. 

Near infrared is good for anti-aging, skin health, and muscle recovery. It’s absorbed at the deepest cellular layer, recharging your mitochondria to aid in detoxification and energy production. (The little powerhouses of every cell.) It also helps reduce inflammation and pain, and can help reduce body fat. 

Mid infrared is great for heart health, circulation, pain relief, and recovery. It’s the hardest wavelength to reproduce–and actually only our Sunlighten sauna can produce this wavelength of heat. 

Far infrared is the one people are most familiar with. It is beneficial for detoxification, weight loss, immunity, general wellness, and relaxation. It’s a gentle radiant heat that improves health at the cellular level. This is the wavelength that will get you sweating! (Which since I mentioned it–if you do NOT sweat, that is a big problem. Sweating is one of our biggest detoxification pathways. A lack of sweating is a big clue your body is overloaded with toxins and is having a hard time getting them out! Even more reason to make sauna sessions part of your wellness routine!)

Our sauna makes it SO easy to get the benefits from all three wavelengths. Just pick a premade program depending on your goals, and the sauna does the rest! 

One of the biggest reasons to get into a sauna routine is for immune health, especially this time of year. Think about it, when your body is defending itself, it naturally raises your body temperature. This rise in temp (aka a fever) strengthens the immune system by signaling to white blood cells and the army of neutrophils, lymphocytes and interferons (all antiviral fighters) to come to the rescue. This increase in body temperature also creates shock proteins that prevent viruses from replicating and lowers inflammatory cytokines.  

In fact, an Austrian study found that those who used saunas regularly had significantly fewer illnesses than those who didn’t use it. 

To maximize the benefits a sauna can provide, we suggest using it twice weekly throughout the year. Trust us, you’ll end up wanting to use it more frequently! Call us today at 308-390-2663 to set up a time to come in and try it out. You can also book online by clicking here. We also offer punch cards for regular use! 

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