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Night Owl? We have big problems then…

February 13, 2024 |

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Everything in nature has it’s balance–

  • The moon has the sun.
  • Estrogen has progesterone.
  • Man has woman.
  • We use oxygen and breathe out CO2, and plants use our CO2 to make oxygen for us.
  • Cortisol has melatonin.

And the list goes on…

Problems arise when this balance is disrupted. And one of the biggest disruptors of our natural rhythms is poor sleep.

I joke with my patients, that we’re all a little bit like newborns. If we’re pooping and sleeping, everyone is happy! But what exactly is optimal sleep?

First and foremost, you MUST get to sleep by 10pm at the VERY latest. And no, I don’t care if you go to bed at midnight and sleep 7 hours. It’s not the same!

You see, that balance I mentioned earlier? Going to bed past 10pm totally screws it up. Here’s why:

Starting around 10pm every night, our body begins to heal and reset. During the day, our body is busy focusing on all the things to keep us going and performing. It’s at night while we are sleeping that our body gets a break to repair.

And the first things to heal? Blood sugar balance, metabolic health, hormones, and lipids.

So let’s say you go to bed at midnight, instead of 10pm. What happens? Well everything from 10pm to midnight gets SKIPPED! Because your body has other things it has to move on to at other points in the night–inflammation, immune support, brain healing, and more.

So if you are complaining of infertility, hormonal imbalances, your weight, elevated cholesterol, poor blood sugar control, metabolic disease, etc. then the very first thing you need to evaluate is what time you are falling asleep. NOT what time you go to bed and scroll your phone or watch TV. (Which, please, do not do that within an hour or two of bedtime, and use blue light blocking glasses in the evenings.)

To be asleep by 10pm, what a simple and FREE thing to do. And what a drastic difference it can make in your health. We really should go back to living in caves without electricity. Then we’d have to go to bed when the sun sets, and rise when it rises.

It’s really the timeless things that are truly the best!

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