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Our Lymphatic System and why it is so Important!

January 10, 2024 |

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The lymphatic system is the most underrated part of our circulatory system.

Our bodies contain about 50% more lymphatic fluid than blood, but sadly many health care practitioners/medical organizations rarely consider the critical role the lymphatic system plays in preventing disease and keeping us healthy.

If you don’t drain your lymphatic system, you CANNOT achieve health.

The lymphatic system includes lymph fluid, lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, lymphocytes (T-Cells), the tonsils, the spleen and the thymus gland (small organ that lies in the upper chest under the breast bone, that produces white blood cells for immune function).

The lymphatic system has three primary functions:

  • First: our lymphatic cells are primarily responsible for the immune response of the body.
  • Second: the vessels for the lymphatic system actually function as a separate circulatory system in the human body.
  • Third, the lymphatic system is involved in the transport of select nutrients from the digestive system to the circulatory system.

The body does NOT do these things on its own!

Fun Facts:

  • It’s your first line of defense when it comes to your immune system.
  • Everything in the lymphatic vessels has been filtered and is ready to be excreted. (think of it as flushing your toilet–we wouldn’t want to leave everything in the pipes!)
  • Lymph nodes are swollen if they are full of white blood cells, which are your immune cells
  • The lymphatic system pumps 2-4 liters of lymph each day, though the flow rate and volume may vary especially if lymph nodes are removed, damaged or destroyed.
  • The lymphatic system is your primary defense against bacteria, viruses and fungus.
  • Up to ten times as much virus resides in the lymph system as in the blood, when you’re sick!
  • Your lymphatic system contains over 600 collection sites called lymph nodes. –these filter and purify the body and capture and destroy toxins!

Why have your Lymphatic Treatment with us?

Our therapy is easily the best out there for detoxifying, bolstering the immune system, and reducing stress in the body. It works by way of electrostatic current. This activates your parasympathetic nervous system (turns off the “fight or flight” response), and puts the body into a deeply relaxed state. This allows your lymph vessels to relax and dilate. This also allows the toxins to move into the lymph system to be flushed out.

It also incorporates sound waves, which replicate the type of motion used in manual lymph drainage, but with an extremely rapid sequence of pulses that cannot be done by hand. One session with us is equivalent to 8 manual lymphatic massages!

Electro-pressure created by using multiple treatment points, creates a field effect over the areas. This allows thousands of micro pulsations, vibrating at two locations at the same time, to stimulate a wider flow within the lymphatic system–enhancing the effects.

Light therapy is also used during your session. Near infrared LED reduces inflammation, swelling, and discomfort at the cellular level. Blue light helps to balance hormones in the body.

Our patients have been thrilled with their results!

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