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Parasites, yuck! 

October 9, 2023 |

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Fun fact–a single parasite lays 2,000-2,500 eggs PER DAY! Okay so maybe that isn’t such a “fun” thing…

Even more concerning is that we ALL have parasites. Yes, all of us. Including you! (Unless you’ve done extensive treatment for them anyway.)

The problem is, conventional medicine will tell you it is rare to have parasites, and that they are hard to contract. This is false. 

But aren’t parasites only from contaminated water in third world countries? Also false. 

Sure that is one way to contract parasites, but here are some others: 

  • food: unwashed produce and undercooked seafood
  • swimming: some parasites love water, and easily survive in chlorine. one accidental swallow in a lake, pond, river, pool, hot tub, etc. does the trick
  • outdoor exposure: dirt, animals, the farm, etc. 
  • contaminated water: this is not common in the US, but well water is more likely to have parasites than other sources 
  • hygiene: not washing your hands after using the bathroom, changing a diaper, or assisting someone in the restroom is a sure way to get exposed 

And you might be surprised to learn that having parasites does not just result in intestinal symptoms. Sure, since they predominantly reside in the intestines you would expect symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating, and nausea. 

But other common symptoms of a parasitic infection are: 

  • chronic fatigue
  • brain fog
  • weight loss, due to poor nutrient absorption 
  • joint pain
  • anemia
  • teeth grinding
  • rectal itching 
  • sleep disturbances 
  • inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
  • brain tumors 
  • neurologic conditions 
  • dental issues — parasites love areas where there has been a root canal or tooth implant. A biologic dentist is critical to have on your care team! 

And don’t be surprised if your symptoms get worse during a full moon. During a full moon, serotonin levels increase. Parasites thrive on serotonin and use it to move more freely throughout the body. Similarly to how the moon affects the ocean tide and creatures. And since we are mostly water, it makes sense, right? 

But here is the most important part–you MUST treat parasites correctly, aka blast them with a serious regimen of several prescription medications, or you will make things worse.

By doing a “parasite cleanse” or program, instead of effectively treating the parasites, you are simply making them angry. Some die, sure. Majority just move to another area of your body and make their home there. And a few years later you now have a brain tumor, cancer of that organ, etc. So PLEASE if you are going to address parasites, reach out to us for the correct treatment plan. It’s not supplements. We use 4-5 prescription medications. It is 6 months of treatment. And it takes commitment. But it works! 

And if you are one in a trillion that doesn’t have parasites, you still benefit from the treatment. Studies show that by using this treatment regimen, it turns off cancer pathways and kills cancer stem cells. Pretty awesome, right? 

Are you crawling in your skin yet? Or is it the parasites? 😉

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