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Preconception Planning

May 23, 2023 |

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For many people, they decide they want to have a baby, so they start an OTC prenatal and get to trying. Sometimes that works. For many, it can take months or even years to successfully conceive. Because the truth is, if you want to conceive more easily and optimally, along with optimize the health of your future child, you really should start planning a year in advance.

Yes, 1 year. 365 days. Minimum.

Think of it this way–you’ve had 20+ years of toxic exposures. And your detoxification pathways have likely been subpar. If you’ve been on birth control, your hormones have been completely altered. Your brain isn’t as sharp at communicating with your ovaries because of this. You’ve had traumatic events, stressful years of education and chasing your career dreams. You probably aren’t going to sleep early enough. Maybe you’re not exercising, or maybe you’re actually doing too much. Not to mention the abuse of your liver at tailgates and downtown. And then there’s your spouse. That baby is half of him, too!

It would be really lovely if Fairy Godmother could wave her magic wand and correct all of these imbalances in one chorus of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. But that’s all a fairytale.

Your biology is fluid and ever changing. And there’s definitely not a “one size fits all” approach.

Things to consider when the goal is to conceive:
• gut microbiome dysfunction
• thyroid issues
• altered immune activity
• adrenals and chronic stress
• HPA axis dysfunction
• inflammation
• poor nutrition

And there MUST be focus on quality sleep and relaxation. Exercise and movement. Your relationships with your spouse and support system. All the things!

I say this to my patients, and I’m going to say it here too–if your body does NOT feel like it is a safe environment to grow a human, it won’t. Period. The saying “put your oxygen mask on first, then your child’s,” is true when it comes to fertility, too. Your body will always default to protecting you first. So if there is a massive amount of inflammation and chronic fires on the inside it has to manage daily, then you can force things all you want, but biology and physiology will win.

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