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Round of Antibiotics? Now what? 

October 20, 2022 |

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You’re likely reading this because you or a loved one have recently taken antibiotics for an infection. And you probably also realize that antibiotic wiped out your microbiome–aka the “good guys” in your gut. Or maybe you ended up with yeast infection. 

One study found that even just ONE round of antibiotics left participants’ microbiome similar to that of an ICU patient. The worst part? It STILL looked that way 6 months after finishing the round of antibiotics. 

So what should one do after taking antibiotics? Keep reading. 

First, you must incorporate a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These all contain PREbiotic fibers. Prebiotics are what feed all of the 38 TRILLION microbes in your gut. I like to call them your football team, fighting hard each day to keep your body in winning shape. But increasing the number of fiber-rich foods, and a variety of different colors (the more colors, the more diversity of fibers), the quicker you will rebuild and strengthen your gut. I love our PaleoFiber powder. It’s tasteless and full of diverse fibers to feed and strengthen your football players. 

You also might need PRObiotics. Probiotics are sort of like substitute teachers–they do the job and leave. They don’t really fix the overall situation. Probiotics make great place holders to take while you are on the antibiotics to try to keep things a little less wiped out. I love our ProFlora. It contains spore-based probiotics so they actually withstand the heat of the GI tract and make it all the way to your colon. It also contains herbs and botanicals that are anti-inflammatory to soothe your irritated gut lining. 

But you will definitely want to take POSTbiotics. Postbiotics are arguably the most important factor at play–I like to think of them as the football in your game. Without a football, it doesn’t matter how strong your players are, you can’t even play the game! Postbiotics are short-chain fatty acids that do the work in our gut and throughout our body. My favorite postbiotic is Butyrate.  

The best part? We have these options at our office for you to grab today! So even if you haven’t been on an antibiotic for several months, or even years, odds are you could really benefit from rebuilding your gut. Because if you’re from Nebraska like us, you’re really tired of a losing football team. 

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