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What’s The Deal With Gluten? 

February 26, 2024 |

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Okay, okay. We know what everyone says about us:  “They make everyone eliminate gluten from their diet.” 

Here’s the deal. First, that is NOT true. We assess each patient uniquely, and then create an individualized treatment plan. I can think of several patients I specifically told that they do NOT have to avoid gluten. 

But in reality? All of us should avoid it entirely…

Back in July 2023, researchers in New Zealand published a groundbreaking study, proving that gluten causes brain inflammation. (read the study here) And this inflammation happens to everyone! Not just those with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease.

In fact, the inflammatory response was so strong, they compared it to what happens when someone with full-blown Celiac disease experiences. And take it from someone who has a Celiac diagnosis, this is NOT good. We’ve long known that the research shows gluten is inflammatory to the GI tract and enteric nervous system. But to now have data that proves it is inflammatory in the brain, is quite the discovery. 

The inflammation occurred in the hypothalamic region, which controls metabolism. Want to lose weight? Eliminate gluten. Feel inflamed? Eliminate gluten. Brain fog? Dementia? Neurologic disease? Eliminate gluten. Child with behavior issues? Eliminate gluten. Anxiety? Depression? Mental illness? Eliminate gluten. Want to simply be optimal and live a long and healthy life? Eliminate gluten!

You get the idea.

And we haven’t even discussed how heavily gluten containing crops are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and roundup. (aka all the things that have been shown to cause cancer…) Especially in the US.

A gastroenterologist that did some of my training said during a lecture, “Just 6 years ago, I talked about gluten for 15 minutes amongst another topic. Today you get to listen to me talk about gluten alone, for an hour and a half.” 

Travel to Europe and you won’t have these issues. They regulate the chemicals used on crops SO much more than we do here in the US. In fact, in the lawsuits that have involved Roundup and cancer cases here, the fertilizer companies just pay off the claim. Because the money they would lose if we stopped using their products is so significant. Lovely, right? As the saying goes, “Follow the money.”

I love this blog for more info on what gluten is and why it is important to be gluten free. Not to mention, their bread is THE BEST gluten free bread I have ever tried. Use our code NFM10 for a discount. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 

And in the meantime, breakup with gluten entirely. It’s a toxic relationship that has to go! 

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